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Gallery Of Shame

Below you'll find our collection of shameful renovation and home repair work we've uncovered over the years. From poor insulation to unsafe foundations, unfortunately we see a lot of what's illustrated below.

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Three windows manufactured by a reputable manufacturer in Ontario. Installed in 2018 by a contractor that knew too little.


The same three windows replaced in 2019 by Myles Calvert & Son.

What? My siding is locked!


Customer complained of air drafts. The cause: improper use of shims + non existent insulation.

Who says Pressure treated wood does not rot?


A concrete block supporting an entire room addition.

A deck built on steel 'nails'.


Jacked up due to frost heave.

"No Lag" bolt attachment.


My look of disgust.

Stucco not etched, not sealed, sill too short.


Air Barrier non-existant.

Very improper support for the porch.


Foundation! I need a foundation?


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